I’ve moved the blog to WordPress

So the first thing a true geek does is write their own blog type website.  Until they realise that under the hood it’s a little more complex than throwing together a few tables, mixing in a bit of CSS and Javascript and then being done with it.  The pragmatic geek on the other hand will eventually cede defeat and use something off the shelf.

My original goal with redoing the website was to learn to use ASP.NET MVC together with techniques and methodologies that all the cool kids were using – things like TDD, IoC, SOLID principles, ORM (Subsonic & Linq2Sql) etc.  So, I’ve been there, done that and now I’m ready (finally!) to use a weblog that was created by people who know what blogging software is supposed to do.

I won’t port my old content into this shiny toy – there wasn’t much and I’m none too happy with the shoddy quality of it anyway.

So here’s to 2010 and more posts on stuff!