5 months later…

Time flies. Since getting my MacBook Pro I have been procastinating. That is not to say I have done nothing with my time – I’ve brought myself up to date with ASP.NET MVC 2, learned how to implement and query with NHibernate 3.0 (using the new Linq provider, Criteria and even some HQL), written a web application using .NET 4 (and got it working correctly in a continuous integration build server), learned how to use the new templating features in jQuery and finally grokked javascript’s functions as first class citizen concept. I also put my MacBook through its paces and did some tutorials on Ruby, Rails and node.js.

When I’m not at work (coding), I tend to sit at the computer at home (and code) or read (about code and how to make my code better). After doing this for close to 2 years now I think I’m about ready for a break and my dear wife has provided me with a distraction – Finance.

She’s kindly bought me a copy of Finance – The Basics by Erik Banks and even though I’m only on the 2nd chapter I’m already finding it an interesting and easy to grasp book (so far!). I opted for the Kindle version which is marginally cheaper than the paperback, although I would recommend anyone else to go for the paperback version. The Kindle is a very nice format and for reading it is as good (if not better) than reading a proper book, however the digital version of this book is disappointing with regards to the diagrams that come with it.

One would have thought that being a proper e-book that is bought from Amazon for an Amazon device, that things like diagrams would be crisp and clear and that diagrams would flow nicely together with the text. Sadly this is not the case. The diagrams are all washed out and fuzzy. Enlarging them makes no difference, if anything the diagram gets worse. I’m not even talking about complex graphs (I’m only on chapter 2!). A simple box containing text (same size as the content) looks washed out. I can appreciate that something like vector graphics would be beyond the capabilities of a humble e-reader, but at least include a decent size graphic with the book. This isn’t a gripe at Amazon, well maybe it is a little if only due to quality control, but publishers really should make a better effort than just dumping some ASCII in a file and flogging it at the same price as a physical book.

So there we go, a short update of my life, a slight diversion of interests and a mini-review/whinge of my new Kindle 3 (WIFI only version).

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